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This homepage is being renewed to open a online shop.


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   BeaTOOL Warp-sticks FLOAT

   BeaTOOL Warp-sticks POLITE


A Christmas sale will be held for

   BeaTOOL Warp-sticks FLOAT

   BeaTOOL Warp-sticks POLITE

 currently sold on Amazon in the United States.


Sales in Japan



In order to start domestic sales of BeaTOOL products, an online shop has been preparing on this site.

Warp-sticks 米国で販売開始

Warp-sticks launched in the USA


Warp-sticks FLOAT

磁石が組み込まれた専用の箸置きに丁寧に置くことで空中に浮上するお箸<Warp-sticks FLOAT>をアメリカで販売開始しました。残念ながらアメリカ以外からは購入できません。

BeaTOOL has started selling the chopsticks <Warp-sticks FLOAT> in the United States, which can float in the air by placing politely to a dedicated chopstick rest with built-in magnets. Unfortunately it can not be purchased from outside the United States. ($ 350.00 ) Amazon US


The design is based on the sculptures of the Gallery (another page) and is a three-dimensional curved shape that fits your hand. The Kyoto craftsmen carved them out of the finest wood of Kabanoki and finished with wiping lacquer.  

Warp-sticks POLITE

お箸に隠れるくらい小さな箸置きの上に置くことができるお箸<Warp-sticks POLITE>をアメリカで販売開始しました。残念ながらアメリカ以外からは購入できません。

BeaTOOL has started selling the chopsticks <Warp-sticks POLITE> in the United States, which can be placed on a small chopstick rest hidden under the chopsticks. Unfortunately it can not be purchased from outside the United States. ($ 190.00) Amazon US


Since the chopsticks are weakly attached to each other, they can be well placed if carefully put on a small chopstick rest and it looks like they are floating. The design is a three-dimensional curved shape that fits your hand. The Kyoto craftsmen carved them out of the finest wood of ebony and finished with wiping lacquer.  


Since both chopsticks are designed to be "little difficult to put on each chopstick rest", you will have to treat them gently. As a result "beautiful gesture" is induced naturally. This is the aim (philosophy) behind the products. It is a new tool that you will get the culture while having fun.


Preparing for domestic sales.


Warpsticks were exhibited at the trade show, and were a good rating.




Exhibited at Tokyo International Gift SHow





BeaTOOL exhibited at the largest trade show in Japan. Date: 2018-9-4 to 7. Place: Tokyo Big Sight.

Warpsticks were exhibited at the corner of the booth of Otsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Shiga Prefecture.




Many buyers from department stores and select shops stopped by our booth. And they gave me good feedback that it was very interesting concept product.

It was very encouraging me that professionals valued both the design and the quality as great good.

On the other hand, many requested lower prices strongly, and I realized that significant cost reduction would be necessary.


Explanation poster


New gallery page


造形作品の展示ページを新設しました。美術作品なので(今のところ)商品ではありません。 ギャラリーへ

A new exhibition page of modeled works was created. They are just art works, not products (for now).   Go Gallery


The prototypes were featured in the media.


ワープスティックス  Warpsticks

Warpsticks は世界で初めて箸置きの上に浮上する、食卓が楽しくなる驚きのお箸です。(特許出願済み)

Warpsticks would be the world 1st levitating chopsticks. The amazing tool makes the dining  fun.(A patent has already been filed.) 

動画 Video

3種類の試作品 3 prototypes


In order to float cleanly, you have to put them carefully from the top in a good position. By doing so it will naturally be a beautiful gesture.


Wonder of the invisible force of the magnet. If you change consciousness carefully as if you are involved with the surroundings, you can find wonder among the everyday things that you think is natural.


Philosophy starts from doubting what is considered commonplace.


Appeared in TREND TAMAGO


テレビ東京 ワールドビジネスサテライト(WBS)の人気コーナー”トレたま”に出演。


Appeared in the popular "Tore-Tama" corner of TV TOKYO World Business Satellite News (WBS).

北村キャスターに Warpsticks を紹介していただいた。 

Caster Ms. Kitamura introduced Warpsticks.


Shooting situation.




The introduction site of TV Tokyo is here.

· 【Tore-Tama】 Chopsticks floating using the repulsive power of the magnet

京Biz-X 出演

Appeared in Kyobiz X


KBS京都テレビ 京BizXの人気コーナー”スグレモノ”に出演。 2017-10-13

Appeared in the popular "Suguremono (Excellent products)" corner of KBS Kyoto TV Kyobiz X News.


I was able to introduce Warpsticks happily in live broadcasting.

撮影時つけていた自作の段ボールネクタイ Type3。

My own corrugated cardboard necktie Type3 worn during shooting.

販売計画 Sales plan





Since we make them carefully by craftsman's hand work, the production volume is limited at present. Depending on the amount of demand, we are preparing for the reservation sale during the year. It is under consideration that it can be offered with chopstick rest and set as ¥10,000 - ¥30,000 (without tax).


# We are reviewing the design for mass production and reviewing the manufacturing cost. Please wait a little more until sales start.


安全性 Safety


Warpsticks are safe. Materials that touch the skin are made of wood, lacquer and all materials that are confirmed to be safe. And, in dental treatment, metal materials reacting with magnets are hardly used. In addition, the magnet inside the chopsticks is very weak and is in a position hard to enter the mouth away from the tip.


 Aims of BeaTOOL

・少子高齢化でマーケットの成長が見込めない今後、これまでの様な大量生産・大量消費のモノづくりを補完するには? 時代の変化に対応する意識の変革のために必要なことは? 人工知能が苦手なことで人が掘り下げるべき能力とは? 日本全国、どの地方にもある豊かな伝統工芸の技術、町工場の技術を活かすモノづくりとは?




The declining birthrate and the aging population is unlikely to lead to market growth in the future, how can we supplement the mass-production and mass consumption-related monozukuri manufacturing like the past? What is necessary for change of consciousness corresponding to change of the times? What is the ability that people should dig into because they are not good at artificial intelligence? What is monozukuri manufacturing that makes the best use of rich traditional craft techniques and town factory skills in all regions of Japan?

I will leave the improvement of convenience and efficiency to artificial intelligence. BeaTOOL considers the development of products and services differentiated by cultural elements such as aesthetics and philosophy, with reference to the latest anthropology, sociology, cognitive psychology, etc. I think that it is important.

So BeaTOOL is developing tools that make our everyday life fun at a different point from convenience, tools that lead to personal growth even with a little effort, and tools that are expensive but long-lasting and emotionally attached to.

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