BeaTOOL 概要

BeaTOOL  Overview


BeaTOOL offers you the tools that make you rediscover pleasure in everyday life from cultural / philosophical points of view, complementing everyday convenience and efficiency supremacy.

代表 略歴


1988420164 素材メーカーにて技術開発

20167月~   京都工芸繊維大学大学院で製品デザイン計画の研究を開始

20169月    京都大学サマーデザインスクール2016で京都府知事賞受賞

20173  滋賀県大津市で BeaTOOL(ビートゥール)を開業 

20179月  磁石の反発力で浮くお箸 Warpsticks(ワープスティックス)を開発 食卓オブジェ浮箸に改名

 Representative Biography

B. in Mechanical Engineering from Kyushu Institute of Technology, M.E. in Mechanical Engineering Science from Osaka University and M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Material Science from University of Minnesota.

April 1988 ~ April 2016  Work on technology development in material manufacturing industry.

July 2016 ~    Study product design plan at Kyoto Institute of Technology

September 2016  Won the Kyoto Governor's Prize at Kyoto University Summer Design School 2016

March 2017  Launched BeaTOOL in Otsu City, Shiga, JAPAN

September 2017  Developed Warpsticks, a chopstick that floats due to the repulsive force of a magnet.  Renamed to Table Object, Floating Chopsticks.

BeaTOOL のビジネス

 Business of BeaTOOL

販 売  Sales channel    



1. Internet sales to individual customers

2. Sales to corporations and business owners

製 造  Production


· We are seeking manufacturing processors and craftsmen who can develop or produce tools with BeaTOOL.



· We will respond to those who wish to sell products developed by BeaTOOL on their own brands or to develop products based on their own brands using thBeaTOOL technology and/or design, and to manufacture and sell by themselves.

BeaTOOLは法律を遵守します。特に知財を重視しています。開発段階での機密保持の覚書(NDA)をはじめ各種契約書を取り交わします。また、国内・外のビジネスでは特許、意匠、商標、著作権を活用するとともに他者の権利を尊重します。  2019-4-19

BeaTOOL complies with the law. We place particular emphasis on intellectual property. We will exchange various contracts including the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the development stage. In domestic and foreign businesses, we use patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights while respecting the rights of others.


Aims of BeaTOOL

・少子高齢化でマーケットの成長が見込めない今後、これまでの様な大量生産・大量消費のモノづくりを補完するには? 時代の変化に対応する意識の変革のために必要なことは? 人工知能が苦手なことで人が掘り下げるべき能力とは? 日本全国、どの地方にもある豊かな伝統工芸の技術、町工場の技術を活かすモノづくりとは? 30年後に地方都市で産業として生き残るようなモノづくりは? それを支える次世代人材の育成は?






The declining birthrate and the aging population is unlikely to lead to market growth in the future, how can we supplement the mass-production and mass consumption-related "monozukuri" manufacturing like the past? What is necessary for change of consciousness corresponding to change of the times? What is the ability that people should dig into because they are not good at artificial intelligence? What is "monozukuri" manufacturing that makes the best use of rich traditional craft techniques and town factory skills in all regions of Japan? What kind of manufacturing will survive as an industry in a local city after 30 years? What is the development of the next generation human resources that support it?


I will leave the improvement of convenience and efficiency to artificial intelligence. BeaTOOL considers the development of products and services differentiated by cultural elements such as aesthetics, philosophy, humor, etc., with reference to the latest anthropology, sociology, cognitive psychology, etc. I think that it is important.


So BeaTOOL is developing tools that make our everyday life fun at a different point from convenience, tools that lead to personal growth even with a little effort, and tools that are expensive but long-lasting and emotionally attached to.